October 19, 2019
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Drone Footage Shows Lab Dogs Losing Sanity, Suffering From Extreme Stress For Testing

A heartbreaking drone footage of dogs kept at a testing lab under horrific conditions has emerged recently and people are left raged and disgusted. The facility...

Vets Were Convinced Pup Born With 5 Legs Won’t Survive, Now He’s Looking For...

The life story of bulldog Ellery Max is a very special one. Well, more or less as special as he is himself. Namely, this sweet pup was born with...

When the Dog gets Bored of Police Training, the Laughs Start Rolling

Even a highly trained police dog is still just a silly, fun-loving dog at heart. In this training video, the German Shepherd is told to stand still but then...

Paralyzed dog was dumped on street. Look what happens

Many times, people are willing to take care of their pets only while they are perfectly fit and free of any diseases. But the moment the furry family members...

This officer is a real hero! Look how he saved the dog.

A Chicago police officer was at the right place at the right time when a dog fell into Lake Michigan. Watch the incredible rescue.

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