October 19, 2019
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1. They Have Seen Your Absolute Worst Dance Moves And Heard You Sing Your Heart Out (Picture Credit: Getty Images) We all don’t have fancy forests where we can go and dance through our problems like Kevin Bacon in Footloose. We have our kitchens and our bedrooms.
The reality is, the benefits of office pets extend much further than most people think. Sure, it might seem obvious that office pets boost morale – the true surprise is how much they can benefit a business’ bottom line. Allowing animals in the office lowers stress, increases well-being, and improves things like collaboration and...
I have been a long time 'Avengers' fan, and I remember seeing the first 'Iron Man' trailer at SDCC back in 2008. Therefore, I decided to make a series of my adorable cat Waffles with his heroic wardrobe. Here are fun and cute pics of Waffles as various Marvel characters. #1 Barky Barnes And Captain Ameowrica

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