Only 1% of people can find the animal in this picture, studies says. Can you?


If you love challenges and optical illusions, then you are at the right place. Below is a black and white image that went viral recently asking people to try and figure out which animal is hiding behind all those stripes. 

According to The Healthy Soul, only 1% of people were able to spot the animal right away. And as some recognize the hidden image after only giving it a quick look, others are having difficulties doing so, as all they see are a bunch of zigzag lines. 

Would you give it a try? 

Optical illusions tend to mess with people’s brains and cause confusion. 

Now if you are not seeing the animal, try looking at the picture from a further distance. Or try spotting it with your eyes half closed. 

Do you see it now? Ok, we’ll give you a hint. It belongs to the group of the world’s most threatened animals and is likely to be the chubbiest and the sweetest living being on the planet.