Dog With Arthritis Struggles On Stairs So Owner Comes Up With Adorable Solution.


Aase is an English Bulldog who has suffered from arthritis ever since she was just a pup. This made her life difficult as she was feeling pain and wasn’t able to climb the stairs to the second floor of the house. However, her clever mommy came up with an amazing and pretty cool solution that facilitates Aase movement. She now doesn’t find it hard to navigate around the place. 

Aase and her family live in Denmark. Her human mommy Pia Hjelmsø loves her dogs very much and there’s nothing she wouldn’t do for their well-being, even if that means getting crafty. With the help of a professional craftsman, this woman’s amazing idea turned into a reality.

Lars Trillingsgaard is the person behind the project that made Aase a happy dog who gets to go up and down the stairs using a stairlift. The best thing is that the cart has the looks of a London double-decker bus. 

Once people saw the video of Aase trying her new “means of transport” they agreed how it was the cutest thing ever. It was spread all over the Internet like a wildfire. Some commented how it gave them inspiration to try and do the same for their pets, and others praised Pia for coming up with such an incredible idea.  

When the cart that is pulled by a wire reaches the bottom, the front opens so that the sweet dog can get out easily. 

Leo, Aase’s sibling, also loves going up and down using the cart. He doesn’t experience any health issues, he just finds the riding fun. Aase, the great sister as she is, doesn’t mind sharing her cart with him, though. 

We believe that every dog out there deserves a loving and caring owner like Pia. She really is an awesome parent to both her furry babies. 

We are very glad she found a way to ease Aase’s life.