14 Tweets Proving That One Should Definitely Adopt Pets To Make Life Interesting!


Both of them definitely makes a good pair!

Cat reaction says that this dog is a human magnet. I already hate him.

What a view

Dog: I just admire the grass as they are the same since I entered this place.

How to find if the water is cold or hot?

You won’t see the cat thermometer in the place.

Funny and scary

The cat looks like a rabbit.

A killer look!

Snoop Dogg meets Snoop Dogg!

Sleeping cat!

I want to sleep like a baby!

Tech Savvy cat!

Humans are not the only one guys! Take your pets outside.

I thought they are smart!

I think that the cat believed that it was his cage.

True that!

It’s like if you jog with them, they will get treated better then you!

Messing up!

Hey, Hooman I’m sorry. I was just wanted to help you!

If you notice…

They’re bonding. It feels great to see two different animals bonding together!

Calvin Klein!

Obesity is not the only American problem now.

Eat. Sleep. Repeat

“I can’t move now, but thank you, Grandma, food was delicious”

It was full of calcium

Well, you know my teeth are strong enough!


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